What is an Eye Ultrasound?
A non-invasive procedure which uses high-frequency sound waves to form reflections (echoes) of the structure of the eye.

Why is this done?
To help evaluate the farthest part of the eyeball when cataracts or other reasons make it hard to look into the eye To help diagnose retinal detachment or other disorders when the eye is not clear and the ophthalmologist cannot use routine examining equipment

Who will do the test?
Dr Pratik Mahajan

How long will the test take?

15 to 20 minutes

How is the test done?

You may be asked to look in different directions to improve the ultrasound image or to view different reas of the eye A lubricant is placed on the transducer and may run on your cheek, but there will be no other discomfort or pain.

How do I get ready for the test?
No special preparation is necessary for this test.

What is an Eye Ultrasound?
There are no risks.