Fundus Fluorescein Angiography is a test to study the blood vessels of the eye.This is a test to show more information about the blood circulation and condition of the back of your eyes. It helps Dr Pratik to decide the best form of treatment or management.
1. Before the test, eat, drink and take all medicines as normal.However Dr Pratik advices nil- by- mouth just one hour before your scheduled appointment.
2. Bring all the medicines with you.
3. If possible, bring someone with you. If not, please bring along a telephone number of next of kin, or chosen contact person.
4. On arrival, you will be asked some questions about your general health, including any allergy. Please tell if you are allergic to specific things or your are pregnant or lactating mother.
5. The test will be fully explained before asking you to sign your consent.
6. The test may be sometimes deferred due to age, history of allergy or high serum creatinine levels or pregnancy.
7. If you are on dialysis for renal failure, we always have a word with your nephrologist and plan the test accordingly.
8. Eye drops will be put into both your eyes to dilate the pupils. They take 20 minutes to one hour to work. They will blur your vision and make light brighter for approximately 2-3 hours. Therefore, it is advisable to bring sunglasses and not to drive.
9. When your pupils are dialted, the photographer will position you comfortably sitting in front of the camera. A series of images will be taken of the back of your eyes. Most of the time an anesthetist is there with you during the test.
10. After 1st “base line”images, a small injection of fluroscein will be given into your forearm. This travel to your eyes within seconds and highlights the blood circulation during a series of images taken over the next few minutes. Then wait for 5 minutes. Some final images are taken after the circulating fluorescein has left the eyes .
11. This is is then complete and we ask you to sit within the department for 15 minutes till you become comfortable.
12. You will have a yellowish discoloration of urine/ sweat and yellowish vision. Please dont worry about that.
13. 1 in 10 patients feel nauseated or light headed for a few seconds to a few minutes shortly after the injection. The feeling usually passes quickly.
14. Some patients feel an itching or tingling sensation, or shortness of breath.
15. We provide fast and effective treatment for all side effects lasting more than a few minutes. Although extremely rare, a serious anaphylaxis reaction has been reported on 1 in 200,000 patients.
16. Please feel free to ask the analysis and interpretation of test. Please plan further treatment and make informed decision about the same. Always leave the premises after taking a follow-up date.