I recognize that patient has certain rights as individuals, as members of community and society, and would like to do everything possible to respect these rights within the context of receiving retina care. With Dr Pratik Mahajan every patient has a right to receive the best possible care, deleivered in a caring and compassionate manner.I always encourage patients to understand the nature of the disease and take active participaton in their disease management. I respect the following rights.
1.Privacy during consultation, examination and medical procedures
2.Confidentiality of all health information
3.To be informed about the treatment charges and expeted costs
4.Care without the discrimination of socioeconomic status, race, color,religion , gender , age, nationality or physical or mental disability.
5.Emotional and physical, protection and support for disabled, elderly or a mentally retarded child.
6.Refuse treatment
7.Obtain a disharge summary according to the hospital policy
8.7Understand the possible risks , benefits or side-effects or outcomes of the treatment.
9.To understand the various treatment options in his/her own language and make informed decision in one s own benefit.